About me


My name is Emily Franzini and I currently work at Decoded, a London-based technology education company.

At Decoded we demystify topics such as coding, data analysis, blockchain, machine learning and A.I, and help businesses navigate that complexity in a fun, fresh and approachable way!

Formerly, I was a Research Associate at the University of Göttingen, located smack-bang in the middle of Germany AND a Research Affiliate at UCL in London. I worked (and still do!) in the mystery that is Digital Humanities – something that not even Digital Humanists themselves can define. Is it a field in its own right, or a magically freaky union of the human heart in texts and art, and the human brain in algorithms, databases and visualisations? I like to think it is the latter. It requires linguistic expertise, some Natural Language Processing knowledge and an ability to work with heterogenous and noisy data.

My work experience also includes a year at the University of Leipzig where I was a Research Associate at the Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities. I have a BA in Classics (Greek & Latin) and an MSc in Management Science & Innovation, both from University College London. My interests lie within the fields of Classics, English Literature, Linguistics, Bilingualism and eLearning.

I’m nuts about Jane Austen, love languages and their complicated structures, I am fluent in both my native English and Italian, I love walking, travelling, acoustic guitars, melon, prosciutto, weeping willows and lakes. I dream of seeing New Zealand, speaking fluent German and having a garden with a swing. I have two homes: London and Verona.

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